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I will thank the LORD for his justice;
I will sing praises to the sovereign LORD!
Psa 7.17
O LORD, our Lord,
how magnificent is your reputation throughout the earth!
You reveal your majesty in the heavens above!
From the mouths of children and nursing babies
you have ordained praise on account of your adversaries,
so that you might put an end to the vindictive enemy.
Psa 8:1-2
I will thank the LORD with all my heart!
I will tell about all your amazing deeds!
I will be happy and rejoice in you!
I will sing praises to you, O sovereign One!
When my enemies turn back,
they trip and are defeated before you.
For you defended my just cause;
from your throne you pronounced a just decision.
Psa 9:1-4
The LORD rules forever!
The nations are driven out of his land.
Psa 10:16
I will sing praises to the LORD
when he vindicates me.
Psa 13:6
I will praise the LORD who guides me;
yes, during the night I reflect and learn.
I constantly trust in the LORD;
because he is at my right hand, I will not be upended.
Psa 16:7-8
As for me, because I am innocent I will see your face;
when I awake you will reveal yourself to me.
Psa 17:15
The LORD is alive!
My protector is praiseworthy!
The God who delivers me is exalted as king!
The one true God completely vindicates me;
he makes nations submit to me.
He delivers me from my enemies;
you snatch me away from those who attack me;
you rescue me from violent men.
So I will give you thanks before the nations, O LORD!
I will sing praises to you!
He gives his chosen king magnificent victories;
he is faithful to his chosen ruler,
to David and his descendants forever.”
Psa 18:46-50
The heavens declare the glory of God;
the sky displays his handiwork.
Psa 19:1
Some trust in chariots and others in horses,
but we depend on the LORD our God.
Psa 20:7
O LORD, the king rejoices in the strength you give;
he takes great delight in the deliverance you provide.
You grant him his heartʼs desire;
you do not refuse his request. (Selah)
For you bring him rich blessings;
you place a golden crown on his head.
He asked you to sustain his life,
and you have granted him long life and an enduring dynasty.
Psa 21:1-4
Rise up, O LORD, in strength!
We will sing and praise your power!
Psa 21:13
You are holy;
you sit as king receiving the praises of Israel.
In you our ancestors trusted;
they trusted in you and you rescued them.
To you they cried out, and they were saved;
in you they trusted and they were not disappointed.
Psa 22:3-5
You loyal followers of the LORD, praise him!
All you descendants of Jacob, honor him!
All you descendants of Israel, stand in awe of him!
For he did not despise or detest the suffering of the oppressed;
he did not ignore him;
when he cried out to him, he responded.
Psa 22:23-24
Let the oppressed eat and be filled!
Let those who seek his help praise the LORD!
May you live forever!
Let all the people of the earth acknowledge the LORD and turn to him!
Let all the nations worship you!
For the LORD is king
and rules over the nations.
All of the thriving people of the earth will join the celebration and worship;
all those who are descending into the grave will bow before him,
including those who cannot preserve their lives.
A whole generation will serve him;
they will tell the next generation about the sovereign Lord.
They will come and tell about his saving deeds;
they will tell a future generation what he has accomplished.
Psa 22:26-31
Look up, you gates!
Rise up, you eternal doors!
Then the majestic king will enter!
Who is this majestic king?
The LORD who is strong and mighty!
The LORD who is mighty in battle!
Look up, you gates!
Rise up, you eternal doors!
Then the majestic king will enter!
Who is this majestic king?
The LORD who commands armies!
He is the majestic king! (Selah)
Psa 24:7-10
O LORD, I love the temple where you live,
the place where your splendor is revealed.
Do not sweep me away with sinners,
or execute me along with violent people,
who are always ready to do wrong
or offer a bribe.
But I have integrity!
Rescue me and have mercy on me!
I am safe,
and among the worshipers I will praise the LORD.
Psa 26:8-12
The LORD delivers and vindicates me!
I fear no one!
The LORD protects my life!
I am afraid of no one!
When evil men attack me
to devour my flesh,
when my adversaries and enemies attack me,
they stumble and fall.
Even when an army is deployed against me,
I do not fear.
Even when war is imminent,
I remain confident.
Psa 27:1-3
He will surely give me shelter in the day of danger;
he will hide me in his home;
he will place me on an inaccessible rocky summit.
Now I will triumph
over my enemies who surround me!
I will offer sacrifices in his dwelling place and shout for joy!
I will sing praises to the LORD!
Psa 27:5-6
The LORD deserves praise,
for he has heard my plea for mercy!
The LORD strengthens and protects me;
I trust in him with all my heart.
I am rescued and my heart is full of joy;
I will sing to him in gratitude.
The LORD strengthens his people;
he protects and delivers his chosen king.
Deliver your people!
Empower the nation that belongs to you!
Care for them like a shepherd and carry them in your arms at all times!
Psa 28:6-9
Acknowledge the LORD, you heavenly beings,
acknowledge the LORDʼs majesty and power!
Acknowledge the majesty of the LORDʼs reputation!
Worship the LORD in holy attire!
The LORDʼs shout is heard over the water;
the majestic God thunders,
the LORD appears over the surging water.
The LORDʼs shout is powerful,
the LORDʼs shout is majestic.
The LORDʼs shout breaks the cedars,
the LORD shatters the cedars of Lebanon.
He makes Lebanon skip like a calf
and Sirion like a young ox.
Psa 29:1-6
The LORDʼs shout strikes with flaming fire.
The LORDʼs shout shakes the wilderness,
the LORD shakes the wilderness of Kadesh.
The LORDʼs shout bends the large trees
and strips the leaves from the forests.
Everyone in his temple says, “Majestic!”
The LORD sits enthroned over the engulfing waters,
the LORD sits enthroned as the eternal king.
The LORD gives his people strength;
the LORD grants his people security.
Psa 29:7-11
I will praise you, O LORD, for you lifted me up,
and did not allow my enemies to gloat over me.
O LORD my God,
I cried out to you and you healed me.
O LORD, you pulled me up from Sheol;
you rescued me from among those descending into the grave.
Sing to the LORD, you faithful followers of his;
give thanks to his holy name.
For his anger lasts only a brief moment,
and his good favor restores oneʼs life.
One may experience sorrow during the night,
but joy arrives in the morning.
Psa 30:1-5
How great is your favor,
which you store up for your loyal followers!
In plain sight of everyone you bestow it on those who take shelter in you.
You hide them with you, where they are safe from the attacks of men;
you conceal them in a shelter, where they are safe from slanderous attacks.
The LORD deserves praise
for he demonstrated his amazing faithfulness to me when I was besieged by enemies.
Psa 31:19-21
You are my hiding place;
you protect me from distress.
You surround me with shouts of joy from those celebrating deliverance. (Selah)
Psa 32:7
Rejoice in the LORD and be happy, you who are godly!
Shout for joy, all you who are morally upright!
Psa 32:11
You godly ones, shout for joy because of the LORD!
It is appropriate for the morally upright to offer him praise.
Give thanks to the LORD with the harp!
Sing to him to the accompaniment of a ten-stringed instrument!
Sing to him a new song!
Play skillfully as you shout out your praises to him!
For the LORDʼs decrees are just,
and everything he does is fair.
The LORD promotes equity and justice;
the LORDʼs faithfulness extends throughout the earth.
By the LORDʼs decree the heavens were made;
by a mere word from his mouth all the stars in the sky were created.
He piles up the water of the sea;
he puts the oceans in storehouses.
Psa 33:1-7
I will praise the LORD at all times;
my mouth will continually praise him.
I will boast in the LORD;
let the oppressed hear and rejoice!
Magnify the LORD with me!
Letʼs praise his name together!
I sought the LORDʼs help and he answered me;
he delivered me from all my fears.
Those who look to him for help are happy;
their faces are not ashamed.
Psa 34:1-5
Then I will rejoice in the LORD
and be happy because of his deliverance.
With all my strength I will say,
“O LORD, who can compare to you?
You rescue the oppressed from those who try to overpower them;
the oppressed and needy from those who try to rob them.”
Psa 35:9-10
May those who desire my vindication shout for joy and rejoice!
May they continually say, “May the LORD be praised, for he wants his servant to be secure.”
Then I will tell others about your justice,
and praise you all day long.
Psa 35:27-28
Your justice is like the highest mountains,
your fairness like the deepest sea;
you preserve mankind and the animal kingdom.
How precious is your loyal love, O God!
The human race finds shelter under your wings.
They are filled with food from your house,
and you allow them to drink from the river of your delicacies.
For you are the one who gives
and sustains life.
Extend your loyal love to your faithful followers,
and vindicate the morally upright!
Psa 36:6-10