Hi, my name is Thomas Olsen, and I´m a christian artist from Oslo, Norway, where I also live now.

I returned to the Lord after 12 years away in 2004, and got baptized in Halden, Norway.

Later I read a booklet by Luther, and his quotations made me see the awesome beauty of Gods Word.

Same year I attended Oslo Kristne Senter Bible school, for a half year.

I run Creative-Christianity.net alone.

I got the domain name from my friend, brother in Christ and musician, John Joachim Laland, back in 2011,

when I started building this site.

This site was created based of the "Bible-Mix/Bible guide sheet" (An A4 sheet of paper with scripture references to all sorts of nice places to find treassures in the Bible).

I wanted it all to be easy accessable on a website, not needing to open and search the many pages of the Bible, but instead in one click and you have it in front of you!

Now soon 9 years later, I have added much christian music, and also got legal permission to use the Bible text on this site by Bibelselskapet and Bible.org.

in February 2018, I started a project that fast grew, namely the bible card project.

Now 2 years later I have finished 52 norwegian bible card booklets and 10 English bible card bookets.

I have incuded 44 of the Norwegian booklets in collections in 12 themed books, and I´m now just waiting for the financing of the printing cost to come into place.

I also want to make the same 44 booklets available in English, but I´ll take a break now after much work, and maybe it isn´t me that shall make the english bible card, maybe a pulisher can take the

work load if I only gather the scriptures. Please pray for the right thing to happen with the production of the english bible card booklets/books, Because I really want them to be available in english too!

Many of the booklets and books you will find link to read or download here at this site.

More music will be added, and also more downloads too..

So please bookmark and come back when you want to have a good Bible read or easily find great christian music..


God bless you all!


Thomas Olsen

02. February 2020