Matthew 22:37 (NETFull) 37 Jesus said to him, “ʻLove the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.ʼ

Deuteronomy 6:4-5 (NETFull) 4 Listen, Israel: The Lord is our God, the Lord is one! 5 You must love the Lord your God with your whole mind, your whole being, and all your strength.



Jeremiah 29:13 (NETFull) 13 When you seek me in prayer and worship, you will find me available to you. If you seek me with all your heart and soul,

Psalms 119:2 (NETFull) 2 How blessed are those who observe his rules,
and seek him with all their heart,



Romans 1:9 (NETFull) 9 For God, whom I serve in my spirit by preaching the gospel of his Son, is my witness that I continually remember you

Joshua 22:5 (NETFull) 5 But carefully obey the commands and instructions Moses the Lordʼs servant gave you. Love the Lord your God, follow all his instructions, obey his commands, be loyal to him, and serve him with all your heart and being!”



Psalms 119:34 (NETFull) 34 Give me understanding so that I might observe your law,
and keep it with all my heart.


1 Kings 8:61 (NETFull) 61 May you demonstrate wholehearted devotion to the Lord our God by following his rules and obeying his commandments, as you are presently doing.”



1 Chronicles 29:9 (NETFull) 9 The people were delighted with their donations, for they contributed to the Lord with a willing attitude; King David was also very happy.



(NETFull) 1 I will thank the Lord with all my heart!
I will tell about all your amazing deeds!

Psalms 86:12 (NETFull) 12 O Lord, my God, I will give you thanks with my whole heart!
I will honor your name continually!



Proverbs 3:5 (NETFull) 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not rely on your own understanding.



Psalms 119:58 (NETFull) 58 I seek your favor with all my heart.
Have mercy on me as you promised!


Psalms 145:18 (NETFull) 18 The Lord is near all who cry out to him,
all who cry out to him sincerely.



Joel 2:12-17 (NETFull) 12 “Yet even now,” the Lord says,
“return to me with all your heart -
with fasting, weeping, and mourning.
Tear your hearts,
not just your garments!”
13 Return to the Lord your God,
for he is merciful and compassionate,
slow to anger and boundless in loyal love - often relenting from calamitous punishment.
14 Who knows?
Perhaps he will be compassionate and grant a reprieve,
and leave blessing in his wake -
a meal offering and a drink offering for you to offer to the Lord your God!
15 Blow the trumpet in Zion.
Announce a holy fast;
proclaim a sacred assembly!
16 Gather the people;
sanctify an assembly!
Gather the elders;
gather the children and the nursing infants.
Let the bridegroom come out from his bedroom
and the bride from her private quarters.
17 Let the priests, those who serve the Lord, weep
from the vestibule all the way back to the altar.
Let them say, “Have pity, O Lord, on your people;
please do not turn over your inheritance to be mocked,
to become a proverb among the nations.
Why should it be said among the peoples,
“Where is their God?”


Jeremiah 24:7 (NETFull) 7 I will give them the desire to acknowledge that I am the Lord. I will be their God and they will be my people. For they will wholeheartedly return to me.ʼ



Acts 11:23 (NETFull) 23 When he came and saw the grace of God, he rejoiced and encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with devoted hearts,